Heritage Issues

Like many cities, Peterborough has suffered the loss of outstanding examples of our built heritage. After the Second World War, an economic boom and wave of modernism nearly destroyed 150 years of unique heritage, and many of the surviving buildings were "renovated" almost beyond recognition.

PACAC's formation in the 1970s helped bring much-needed attention to the loss of these beautiful buildings. But the work goes on. In recent years, we have again seen segments of the community pitted against each other when heritage buildings are at stake. The loss of King Edward School to make way for the parking lot of the new YMCA is only one example of the issues that can arise. Out of controversy, however, comes some good.

Although King Edward School is gone, the Peterborough chapter of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario is a direct result of the activism that arose during the debate, and the community has come together to support the proposed new uses for the original YMCA building, a designated property.

Even though many examples of this cities amazing heritage have been lost throughout the years, there are still a number that do stand to this day. Various churches throughout the city offer a great example of our heritage. A fine example would be St. Pauls on Murray St. We get asked all the time about our favorite churches (mainly for weddings) as they make for a great photo backdrop. In addiiton to churches though, there are a number of older buildings that make for great wedding photos. You can see some more Peterborough wedding venues at this site if you are looking for them.

In addition to churches and wedding venues, there are also landmarks such as Market Hall and a number of historical buildings in the downtown area that offer a glimpse into the history and heritage of Peterborough, Ontario. Even though the exterior of many Peterborough restaurants (as seen here) and downtown shops have been modenized, the exteriors still offer a fine example of different architectural styles.